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The new operating system for XM is here.
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訂單 9751-HU-23 內有
Damaged items。
Please replace it as soon as possible。

運送 Negative discussion。
Several customers reported receiving damaged items。
Please adjust the packing process。

FlyLight products
Tester feedback is directed at鞋墊
Many negative reviews

Please add for COVID-19
Corporate communication frequency

Thirty percent of managers don't use it
通訊 A plan of action


Action Needed

Service quality is the key driving force to promote brand intention
Millennials have a negative experience


CSR team


Find out what makes customers and employees
Love the new product
Service and Experience

For details CORE XM (EN) Research and Insight (EN) Combined Analysis (EN)

Strengthen the market adaptability of products
Increase customer wallet share
Shorten time to market

Watch product demonstrations For details Pricing Optimization (EN) Concept Test (EN) Market Segment (EN)

Acquire new customers
Increase market share
Enhance brand awareness and perception

For details Advertising Optimization (EN) Brand Tracking (EN)

Enterprise operation system for experience management


Listen and take notes

Experience data from customers and employees are all collected and stored in a single recording system, so that no interactions within the organization are missed。


Process and understand

A powerful predictive analysis tool that digests information from the entire database and makes unsolicited recommendations for your next action。


Create a culture of positive action

Smart workflows can not only be customized, but also automatically send notifications to remind people to take action。

Great experience
It starts with top research

Instant access to the world's most trusted research software。 Drag and drop operation, simple intuition。 Automated analysis。 Fine research to simplify complex, convenient for your operation。

Why is bet3365游戏 always the first choice?


超過 85%

Fortune 100 Companies
Selects the bet3365游戏


More than 100 million action steps

For the enterprise
Automatic plan start


The rate of return on investment

That's ours
Product Performance (TEI overall economic Impact report)


Top leading brand

In the spring of 2020, it was awarded
G2 Enterprise feedback management experience affirmation


200 萬
The user

More than 100 countries and regions


2020 年
Leading brand

Stand out in the employee experience management category,
Selected by for

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