—Noblesse Oblige—

Those that have wealth, power, or prestige have responsibility


What is the role and aims when it comes to University Rugby?

At the moment, University Rugby is at a crossroads.

Should we become an engine to cultivate players by improving their technical and physical prowess?

Should be carry on being a source of creating great numbers of people that work well in society?

Or should we focus on a completely new road and become pioneers in a new art of life?

Therefore the World University Rugby Invitation Tournament will focus on,through rugby,

creating social leaders,and bringing together players from various schools around the world and helping encourage close ties, while bringing the true value of sports to the world!

About the significance and goals of this tournament 


From getting the torch to carry on this tournament, our main goal and aim has to think how to promote the founding values of rugby. To put aside pros or amateurs to the game, but look to the future players, and see what is important and what needs to be passed on to help make this game even bigger and better.

That is to say, that it is DIVERSITY that makes this game one of, if not THE best game in the world. It is a game that helps build spirit, brings people together and helps relationships grow! 

The WURIT is a great chance for players that are just starting out their career or those that are already on the way to being pros to get together and discover or rediscover these pure values.


By taking these values, and using them not just in the future matches but their own lives, the players and those involved will grow as people helping to creating a world that is better.


With all this in mind, we plan to make WURIT 2019 the best it can be!

The 3 main points of this tournament!

1.The Development of the Players

We believe that those with power and knowledge are responsible for the development and advancement of society! 

Rugby allows for players to learn how to develop these skills that will allow our players to do so!! 

2.International Exchange

We want to create a chance for the players to have a place to communicate with and mingle with those from other countries. This is important for the players to grow and learn!

3.Promoting the Values of Rugby to the World!

We want to promote the thinking that after the match, there are no rivals.

The rugby community tries to promote the idea of “One for all, All for one ” where we are all for the better of the game and community over the individual. 


About WURIT 2019

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