About the Tournament
 ・Tournament Name :『World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019』 

 ・Scheduled Dates :Monday September 16th 2019~ Monday September 23rd 2019

 ・Grounds to be used :Waseda Kami Igusa Ground,  Yokogawa Electric Ground, Pitches in Nerima Ward and Suginami Ward, etc.

 ・Organising Body :『World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019』Organising Committee 

 ・Joint Sponsors :Waseda University, Waseda Club, Yokogawa Musashino Atlastars, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company 

    ・Backers :TBC  

    ・Special supporters: SMBC,  etc.
 ・Supporters :TBC

      The Universities that will participate are the following:

     ●Waseda University(Host)

     ●Oxford University(England)

     ●University of Cape Town(South Africa)※Previous Champions

     ●University of British Columbia(Canada)

     ●New Zealand Universities (Collective team)(New Zealand)

     ●Siberian Federal University(Russia)  

     ●University of Bordeaux(France) ※First Time Participants

     ●University of Sydney(Australia)※First Time Participants 


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